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Women in NAAAP!

The Women in NAAAP! (WIN) program became established during the 23rd annual NAAAP National Convention in 2009. This program aims to empower, support and engage Asian American women as professional and personal leaders. WIN’s overall objectives include:

  • Equip Asian American women with skills, confidence, and resources to effectively lead in a multicultural environment.
  • Connect Asian American leaders to role models and create a mentoring network.
  • Empower Asian American women and educate about challenging perceptions.
  • Engage with the community at large and represent Asian American women across the world.
  • Inspire Asian American women to make meaningful difference in government, education, business, and society.

WIN Lean In Circle

NAAAP Cincinnati’s WIN Lean In Circle is a 12-month program that brings women together to engage in monthly discussions on topics from the book and website ( or on a topic of the Leader of the Month’s choosing.

This program is designed to establish peer-to-peer mentoring, encourage leadership development, strengthen cross-industry networking, and provide a reliable support system.